Human Rights Abuses

In Spain, Prosegur is a model company – it is often held up with pride as one of the largest and most profitable Spanish companies.


However, in Latin America, the situation is very different. Unions from Latin America have told UNI of the company’s ongoing brutality against unionized workers and their severe neglect of any kind of safety standards.

In Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Chile, workers have complained that Prosegur’s anti-union practices threaten workers lives and blatantly ignore national labour laws in Latin American countries. According to Prosegur workers, the company is attempting to break trade unions by using underhanded tactics including bribes, threats, acts of violence, fake collective agreements and threatening legal action against workers who speak out.

The fight for human rights at Prosegur in Latin America continues

UNI refuses to accept a working environment in which trade unionists are targets for brutal acts of violence, in which workers can be fired simply because they are unionised, or in which workers are offered bribes to leave their union.